The telematics solution for efficient, digital claims management

Accurate and comprehensive data collection is an essential part of digital claims management. Premium calculation of company fleets, claims notifications and settlements as well as repair orders are associated with enormous effort and costs. In this context, there is considerable savings potential in predictable risk assessment and claims handling through digital and cloud-based innovations. 
Globalmatix offers a complete solution for recording, locating and estimating the cost of vehicle damage, even at low speeds, such as when parking, with accurate damage reports in near real time. In addition, it is possible to create driver profiles and driver logbooks and thus offer usage-based insurance models (UBI) for classification according to risk, kilometer-based or time-based insurance rates.
Optimization of process flows in the following areas:
  • Driving data collection and risk assessment of drivers
  • Logbook and vehicle documentation (Car CV)
  • Immediate notification of accidents even in the low speed range below 10 kph with damage analysis incl. repair cost calculation  
  • Listing of created and assumed individual damages
  • Preparation and viewing of the digital damage report (with pictures)

Digital detection of minor damage

In this exclusive white paper, we show you how we detect damage even at low speeds of 6 to 10 km/h and the enormous savings potential this opens up for you as a fleet operator or insurer.
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First Notice of Loss

FNOL - If you know it first!

In this 15-minute video, we show you how you can gain full control of your claims management with our telematics and thus effectively reduce costs!
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