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Timm Burmeister presents GlobalmatiX at a trade fair

Our mission

Connect the Unconnected
600 GB of data is produced by a modern vehicle with its 180+ sensors every day. Yet only about 50 MB of this data is used in an entire month.
That's exactly what we're changing at GlobalmatiX. We make vehicle data visible and usable. Anytime and anywhere in a quality never seen before.
This high-resolution data combined with high frequency provides the ideal basis for artificial intelligence analysis.


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Timm Burmeister presents GlobalmatiX at a trade fair
Softing AG in Haar near Munich

Softing & GlobalmatiX

GlobalmatiX has been part of the listed Softing AG since March 2018. Softing brings over four decades of experience in vehicle diagnostics and develops customized solutions for the automotive industry.
With this support and expertise behind us, we at GlobalmatiX develop solutions to manage mixed fleets worldwide easily and stress-free. The data-based solutions span the entire technology space: from data discovery via TCU (Telematic Control Unit) to transmission and data aggregation in the cloud.

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Our team

We connect the unconnected!
Alois Widmann is the founder and CEO of GlobalmatiX

Alois Widmann

Chairman of the Board of Directors,
CEO & Founder of GlobalmatiX AG
Claudio Maddalena is the COO of GlobalmatiX

Claudio Maddalena

Holger Rannow is CTO of GlobalmatiX

Holger Rannow

Roland Klingesberger is the Head of GlobalmatiX's Data Competence Center

Roland Klingesberger

Head of the Data Competence Center
Elli Widmann is responsible for Finance & Administration at GlobalmatiX

Elli Widmann

Finance & Administration
Stephan Langer is Marketing Manager at GlobalmatiX

Stephan Langer


Gerhard Schober

Founder & CEO of xTCU AG

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