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One system for all applications

We provide vehicle data that helps you optimize your processes. Cost savings for your company and simple, stress-free fleet management for you are our drive and goal. The modular telematics system from GlobalmatiX gives you every freedom and adapts flexibly to your requirements. A safe decision for your future.

Vehicle data

All vehicle data from all brands. Whether OEM data or vehicle components such as the battery, we provide all important data.

Vehicle diagnosis

Comprehensive vehicle diagnosis of all measurable vehicle components. Anytime and anywhere thanks to Car2Cloud2Company principle.

Damage Detection

Accident detection with damage report and cost calculation. Even at low speeds.

GPS & Geofencing

GPS signals in high frequency. Optimize routes. Determine staging and parking zones and secure your vehicles against theft and unauthorized use.

Service & Maintenance

Reduce and plan for vehicle downtime. Ensure a safe and always roadworthy fleet with predictive maintenance.

Driver profiles

Average speeds, braking behavior, fuel consumption and more. Create driver profiles for the drivers of your commercial fleet and reduce your costs.

Real-time data-driven decisions

GlobalmatiX's telematics system offers the broadest range of data density and data depth on the market. The "car-to-cloud-to-company" approach is the critical technology for efficient and cost-effective fleet operations. GlobalmatiX's telematics box can be quickly and easily installed in a vehicle as a data logger. The vehicle's data signals are captured at extremely high sampling rates and supplemented with telematics data. The data is transmitted in real time to the analysis cloud. In the cloud, the collected data is aggregated, processed, analyzed and prepared for further use by our customers.

How Car to Cloud to Company Works

How GlobalmatiX Car to Cloud to Company works

All brands, All data

No matter which vehicle or which component
manufacturer. We provide you with all the data!


Guaranteed security thanks to own mobile license and patented authorization procedure.

BiG Data Analytics

Real-time data that enables you to improve your processes, reduce costs and increase your margins.

Live data, Better data

The combination of data quality and data frequency enables applications that were not possible before.

Why GlobalmatiX?

First-class data, unique security, independence from the data source (whether OEM or supplier) and a frequency that makes big data analytics with artificial intelligence possible. All this ensures a multiple return on investment for our customers after only a short time.

Your path to the connected fleet

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Alois Widmann
CEO & Founder
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Alois Widmann
Founder and CEO of GlobalmatiX AG

About GlobalmatiX

GlobalmatiX AG is an international supplier of vehicle data for fleet operators and insurance companies. The GlobalmatiX telematics system provides the highest data breadth and depth on the market and can provide vehicle data regardless of make, model and age. In theCloud, the collected data is aggregated, processed and analyzed and prepared for further use by our customers. As a subsidiary of Softing AG, we draw on the company's many years of experience and expertise in vehicle diagnostics. Thanks to our own mobile communications license and our patented encryption process, the valuable data is optimally protected against unauthorized access.
The high volume of vehicle data collected enables almost limitless coverage of digital analysis and use cases, as well as services for end customers that were previously not possible.


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